Software testing tools

Software testing tools

Using the best testing technologies is our standard

Our team expertise allows us to offer a sheer spectrum of assets

Practical experience has proven that the use of supporting software testing tools for both testing management and test performance can help our clients improve the quality of the testing process and its speed. We know commercial SW testing tools and open-source SW testing tools and adapt their usage to client needs.

We implement projects in the field of testing based on proven methodologies and procedures applicable to software testing. An additional essential benefit of such tools is their ability to arrange the testing process well and provide simple monitoring of the software development. When choosing a test tool, it’s clever to identify your testing needs at first.

The tools we use

Commercial Software Testing Tools

Commercial Software Testing Tools

Our tools simplify the test-creation process, and they also provide extra features such as object recognition, improvements, reports, monitoring, and defect integration. Many times commercial tools use built-in workflows which make them much faster than using open-source tools.

Open Source  Software Testing Tools

Open Source Software Testing Tools

Open-source technologies are free to use, so the main plus is the lower cost of entry. The advantage of open source is also the flexibility with large support of communities.

Benefits for our clients

We offer new technologies in conjunction with many years of experience, and therefore we have satisfied clients from all over the world.

Higher Test Coverage

Bug free release

Save Time & Resources Used

Support for Multiple Platform

Easy Finding & Fixing Defects

Faster Releases


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