Escrow: protect your data and software license

Escrow: protect your data and software license

Secure your system and databases

Escrow  software: assure the quality of your software

Solution for developers and publishers to securely store the software source code during the contractual period and makes it available to the user under contractually stipulated terms. Thus, the user can continue using, maintaining, and updating essential software programs to maintain business continuity, provided that the software developer cannot or doesn’t support the software anymore.

Software Escrow verification process

Why we recommend Escrow software

Lawyer's perspective

Lawyer’s perspective

butteland escrow arbiter provides outstanding service with high-level security to ensure your client’s source code, data and IP is always protected. We secure source code updates according to the agreement and expectations of both the vendor and the client. Our model agreements are fitting various circumstances of software licensing. We review the contracts fast – generally within the same day.

Vendor's perspective

Vendor’s perspective

Escrow provides the highest level of information security and data protection for the vendor, ensuring your source code is always protected. We understand the complexity of software license agreements; thus, we create easy-to-read for all kinds of escrow conditions and specifications. We make the process of implementing them straightforward and efficient for you.

Customer's perspective

Customer’s perspective

Escrow ensures that the source code from the vendor is deposited to us accurately. In its latest version, code updates occur as per the software escrow agreement, backed up by our Release Comparator Application (RCA). We perform various verification and testing services to assure that the source code is accessible and working and keep you informed throughout the process.


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